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Bees Wax Food Wraps by Bee Wrappy

Bees Wax Food Wraps by Bee Wrappy

Take a step towards plastic freedom!

Bees wax wraps can wrap just about anything you can think of, fashion a bag out of, or use as a cover.

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Each pack contains random assorted mix of designs.

3 pack $26 Contains: 1 x small 17x17cm, 1 x medium 25x30cm, 1 x large 34x34cm

Medium pack $19 Contains: 2 x medium, 25x30cm

Large pack $29 Contains: 2 x Large 34x34cm

Simply wash with cold soapy water.

Keep away from heat sources, do not place in dishwasher; as the wax will melt.

We do not recommend using these wraps on raw meat, or raw seafood.

100% biodegradable.

Store in cool dry place.

Proudly Australian made by Bee Wrappy



GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Australian Organic bees wax, natural tree resin, cold pressed virgin jojoba oil and virgin coconut oil.


Trying to reduce my family’s environmental footprint, I thought of all the unnecessary conveniences that I could ditch. Cling wrap is a big offender in the kitchen.

Using plastic containers is a step up from single use cling wrap……… but not the best solution if your trying to avoid plastic of all types.

Entre stage left, bees wax wraps.

All-natural multipurpose wrap with Australian ingredients – a no brainer!

You can wrap fresh bread, cover jars, wrap cheese, cover bowels, cover cut watermelon, wrap sandwiches, hold nuts, and the list goes on!

It can last for a long time if you clean and store it correctly, and once the wax has worn off the cotton; if you’re a handy DIY person, you can even re-wax it yourself! Alternatively you can compost it as it’s fully biodegradable and all natural.

I love the vibrant colours of the Bee Wrappy range of fabrics and the zigzag edges brings back fond memories of childhood craft time.

Happy wrapping!



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