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Da Floss By AlternativeMe

Da Floss By AlternativeMe

DaFloss is a better alternative made from PLA, cornstarch coated in candelilla wax with a hint of mint.

Not the dance move, just a vegan floss for a better tomorrow.

Its 30 meters of fun!

Comes in a reusable glass container with a thread cutting aluminium lid.

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The refill pack includes two 30 metre spools of fun, made to insert into DaFloss glass bottle.

The wax paper the floss refills are wrapped in are plant based and compostable!

The spools are easy to insert into the empty bottle and if you have issues threading it into the hole lid, try sniping the end of the floss with sharp scissors then rethreading, this should do the trick.

Tip: Keep the other spool in the wax paper it comes in to lengthen the shelf life.

DaFloss Set consists of:

1x DaFloss glass jar with 30 metre spool and

1x refill pack that contains 2x 30 metre spools

Happy flossing people!


It is said that spending some quiet time with yourself releases creativity. In one of these ‘creative’ moments, I pondered the state of the world and all the reliance we had on plastic. This led me to identify my greatest personal concern around floss. Flossing daily, I was accompanied by the guilt with the amount of floss I was using and what the floss consisted of.

Regular floss is usually made of nylon, which is derived from crude oil. It can take up to 80 years to decompose. I’m sure that we are all aware of how our rubbish somehow ends up in our oceans, torturing and strangling our sea life; and I was not comfortable with the contribution I was making on the world through this one act of flossing.

I do understand that many of my day to day actions may have more impact on the world, but it is my firm belief that small changes lead to bigger changes. Thus my compostable, cruelty free, vegan floss-finding journey began.

Whist there is a silk floss alternative, I do not agree with how silk is manufactured through live-boiling of thousands of silk worms in the process.

There are also many other flossing alternatives, are packaged in plastic that also add to the burden on our world.

The challenge here was not only to find a better alternative floss, but to ensure the packaging was also in line with my values.

DaFloss was born out of a desire to use a natural, vegan, compostable floss packaged in glass with an aluminium cutting lid that could be reused over and over again. DaFloss refill pack makes it easy to reorder and refill the glass bottle, whist minimising the resources we use.

I feel comfortable putting a corn based floss in my mouth to clean my teeth, and also to make available to others that want to see a better tomorrow.

I was inspired by my son’s obsession with the floss dance move, and as a nod to his future DaFloss was born.

I hope that you can join me in making one small change that will impact the world.


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