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Organic Linseed Eye Pillow – Blue Wood

Organic Linseed Eye Pillow – Blue Wood

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Find Your Calm

Organic linseed eye pillows lovingly wrapped with GOTS certified organic cotton “Wood” from Cloud9 Fabrics by Elizabeth Olwen.

Double stitched for durability.

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Organic Linseed Eye Pillow – Blue Wood

Instructions: Heat in microwave for 10 seconds or chill in freezer, then simply place across eyes/forehead, and find your calm. Enhance with a few drops of essential oils at your leisure.

Ingredients: Organic linseed & Organic cotton fabric.

Measures approximately: 24cm x 8cm

Approximate Weight: 160g
Tip: Wrap your pillow in a bag when placing in the freezer to prevent other scents adhering to the pillow.


Waking up from a satisfying nap whilst stretching out for savasana with an eye pillow during a session of yoga, I thought why not bring this awesome eye pillow into the everyday?

Being up all night breastfeeding means that I need to take the day naps where I can find them. It was hard to switch my mind off to get the catnap I so very much needed….. the eye pillow worked a treat, minimising the tossing and turning and settling me into a deep sleep in no time. So from this wonderful experience I decided to offer this pillow the best way I could.

I chose linseed for the fill because of the earthy smell and small seeds that sit well on the closed eyelids without discomfort, and it can be slightly heated or cooled. No questions about using organic cotton either!

To give the pillow an extra oomph, sprinkle essential oils onto it (I’m in the midst of mixing up a sleep batch but an stumped at how to offer it without plastic packaging….. help needed please!!!)

We hope this gem-of-a-pillow helps you find your inner peace or just some peace in your hectic day.

2 reviews for Organic Linseed Eye Pillow – Blue Wood

  1. Wendy W

    Love everything that this company stands for! So natural smelling and relaxing to use. And can be used with a few drops of relaxing lavender oil.

  2. Jen

    Love my new eye pillow especially when warmed up in the microwave. Really helps me relax especially when winding down to sleep at night. Best of all, I know it is organically sourced so safe to put on my eye and also to make a better tomorrow.

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